Community pact

Hi guys, glad you want to be part of the smultronsites community. Before we connect you with your own local guide or host - let’s first agree on a few things that are very important to us.

Let’s be nice to nature

Sweden has a unique law called the Right of Public Access - Allemansrätten. It allows everyone to actively enjoy public and even private land. But for this law to work, we must always respect the limitations that it sets. The Right of Public Access says that we must not harm the forest, land or water, and that we must respect the humans and animals who share this space. One way of doing this is by never leaving litter or human traces behind.

Here you can read more about being respectful to the places you visit

Let’s be humble and rad

Smultronsites harbor professional guides as well as passionate locals. When booking a more advanced experience it could be a good idea to check with your guide about his or her qualification as well as what is expected from you and your fitness. This also regards what equipment to bring and when and where to meet.

Let’s connect and enjoy

Shortly you will meet a stranger, and maybe a future friend who surely can’t wait to share what they love doing. Make sure to tune in, listen, be curious and enjoy.

Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the views and create beautiful memories together! See you out there